Candice is likely the first person you speak to and meet in the office. When you arrive for your appointment, she’ll check you in and make sure you’re all set.

If you're new to the clinic, you’ll meet with Dr. Evans to get to know each other and understand your goals.  This is part of our comprehensive baseline exam. Dr. Evans will run through our processes including what to expect along the way.  He'll get to know you, understand where you are and what you're looking for, and give you the opportunity to get to know him and ask any questions you have. 

Your initial oral exam includes x-rays, photos, an oral exam, hygiene exam, and cleaning. These are separate appointments over a period of time that is convenient for you. 

When all that's done, you'll meet with Dr. Evans again to discuss the findings of your exams. His goal is for you to leave the consultation with a full understanding of your current dental health, any treatment options including timeframes, and what to expect next. He will also provide the confidential space for you to be open and honeset without judgement.

Dr. Evans and the team are available to answer any questions you have even after this session and make sure you're happy and feeling both in control and confident throughout the process.

We always love to hear from our patients, so  tell us how we're doing!