We’re on a Mission…

…To provide the highest level of clinical dental care in a nurturing, authentic, non-judgemental environment.Calgary Dentist Dr. Evan Evans

When was the last time you were surrounded by individuals whose goal is to provide nurturing, individualized dental care, while developing an authentic, respectful and trusting relationship with clients?

This guiding principle allows Dr. Evans, and his staff, to provide clients with optimum dental care. This excellence in dentistry and client care is reached through open, honest communication that honors the client’s dental health and choice of dental treatment; while sharing accurate information that allows for informed decisions to be reached.

Dr. Evans is committed to seeking ongoing education that supports his desire to recognize and treat the dental system as a unique part of a client’s overall health. By staying true to this principle, Dr. Evans and his dental team are able to offer treatment options that respect an individuals natural beauty, enhances their smile, while contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

With over eighty combined years of experience in the dental industry, this Calgary Dentist, and the people who work along side him, know how to partner superior clinical skills and exceptional customer service that redefines the client’s dental experience.

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