Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood…

Dr. Evans has dedicated years to embracing and studying dentistry that stays true to what is represented in nature.  He is among a small group of dentists whose goal is to treat causes, not symptoms, while offering treatment solutions that address a range of dental concerns.

Some clients present with debilitating headaches, while others may have a history of failed dentistry and repeat work. Jaw Joint discomfort, neck and shoulder tension and/or grinding and clenching of teeth may also be the reason(s) clients seek Dr. Evan Evans for dental care.

Treating a client’s dental issues consists of listening and understanding the client’s concerns while providing proven clinical methods for treating symptoms.


Dentistry is an effective treatment for serveral conditions

Patient’s who experience dental care by Dr. Evans and his team also experience improved health in their gum tissue, esthetics of their smile, jaw joint discomfort and overall level of comfort. They also experience individualized relationships that are based on mutual trust and shared goals – they experience a level of care that enables them to view their dental health in a positive nurturing environment.

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